Welcome to Your Pre-Hire Information

We look forward to welcoming you for your upcoming motorhome hire very soon.

We want your motorhome hire to run smoothly and be as relaxing and enjoyable as possible… to this end, this page has links to a range of practical information which will help you prepare for your trip, as well as give you a number of resources to help you to make the most of your motorhome hire – and hopefully get you excited about your upcoming trip as well!

Due to COVID, we are no longer able to go through the usual handover with you inside the motorhome, so this information replaces what we would have shown you in person on the collection day. It also enables you to get away on your travels much quicker!

Therefore, please take the time to read the documentation ahead of your trip – it contains some essential information you need to be aware of, in terms of what’s included in the van, what you need to do every time you drive off/park up, driving tips for first timers, how to operate the equipment in the van, as well as a really useful guide as to how to get the most from your motorhome hire.

Booking Enquiries

If you have any queries about your booking at any point, please contact our office team on 07500 298086 or email us at enquiries@cumbriamotorhomehire.co.uk

The office is open from 9am – 4pm, 7 days a week.

Customer Support During Your Hire

However, if you have any questions or problems during your motorhome hire, that are not answered in the materials provided, please contact our customer support line on +44 (0)7865 237086

Someone will be available between the hours of 8am – 10pm to answer your call.


Bailey Adamo 75-4i

Bailey Adamo-75-4I front


Auto Trail F74


Cumbria Motorhome Hire Auto Trail F74 magnetic grey


Swift Escape 664


Swift Escape 664 Motorhome


Swift Edge 494


Swift Edge 486


Swift Escape 684


Swift Escape 684


Swift escape 685


Swift Escape 685 Motorhome

Lola, Luca

Swift escape 694


Swift Escape Motorhome


Swift Edge 486


Swift Edge 486


Bailey Alliance 70-6


Bailey Alliance 70-6 front