Brit Stops Guide

Free motorhome stopovers all over Britain at farm shops, country pubs, vineyards, and many more interesting sites.

Brit Stops Guide

PLEASE NOTE – We are currently unable to provide a copy of the Brit Stops guide in your motorhome, due to Government guidelines as a result of the coronavirus.

However, if you have an upcoming motorhome booking with us, please feel free to contact us to enquire as to what may be in the area you are travelling to.

All of our motorhomes include within them a Brit Stops guide, which is a fantastic resource for you to take advantage of throughout the duration of your hire. The Brit Stops book itself features hundreds of country pubs, farm shops, vineyards, breweries, craft / antique centres, etc. (not camp sites) all offering an invitation through the Brit Stops scheme to stay overnight in your motorhome in a safe environment – free of charge.

Some will purely offer free parking, others may have limited facilities such as fresh water, a grey waste disposal point, a toilet emptying point, and some may have public toilets available.

Some Brit Stop hosts ask you to contact them in advance first, rather than just turning up – especially if you might arrive late, or it’s during a busy period. Please check what each site offers and requests ahead of time.

Code Of Conduct

  • In order to protect our hosts from unwanted stopovers by non-members, it is important to display a valid Brit Stops windscreen sticker. This reassures them that you have read and accepted the Code of Conduct.
  • Time your arrival for a reasonable hour. Visitors will not be welcome in the middle of the night. Some sites have gates that will be closed at night.
  • Remember you are not a paying client but a guest. So please take some time to have a look at what your host has for sale. Details of what’s on offer can be found in their entry in the guide.
  • To avoid inconveniencing the work of your host please park only in the areas indicated by them.
  • Do not turn up at hosts with empty water tanks and full waste tanks. Brit Stops hosts may not always be able to provide the facilities listed.
  • Never light fires or barbecues, or use generators, and avoid making too much noise – remember you are the guests of the family who live and work on the site.
  • Do not use toilets, water taps or drains without the host’s permission.
  • If you have small children remember that many of the sites are working vineyards or farms, not playgrounds. Please take care.
  • Ask the host’s permission before letting dogs off the lead.
  • Remember – Brit Stops hosts do not charge for staying overnight so please do not expect the same facilities as a camp site.
  • Sometimes due to a variety of circumstances, personal or work-related, a host will be unable to welcome visitors. Please respect this.
  • Remember you are guests of our hosts, so please accept any restrictions imposed.
  • The Brit Stops scheme allows for a maximum stay of 24 hours. Any extension of this must be agreed in advance with the host, and confers no extra entitlements.

One of the most important things to remember when visiting a host is to say hello when you arrive, and say goodbye when you leave. These common courtesies will help ensure all involved in Brit Stops not only get the most from their visit, but that the visit will be remembered for a long time to come.

We feel that the Brit Stops guide is a very useful resource when motorhome touring around the UK and we hope that you are able to make use of it while on your travels.

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